12 Week Training Plans

For Those Looking For Guidance

Training plans are designed for: 

  • Time-crunched athletes looking to maximize available training time 
  • Looking for something more affordable than One-on-One Coaching 
  • Looking for a customized plan tailored to their needs 
  • Looking to improve your fitness or prepare for an event 
  • Looking for a training plan that may include endurance training, strength training, and more 

APEX Custom Training Plans Include:

Custom 12-Week Cycling Training Plan starting at $299; 12-Week Multisport Training Plan starting at $399

All 12-Week Custom Training Plans Includes:

  • Initial 45minute Interview Call/Online Meeting (GoogleMeet)
  • 12-Week Custom Training Plan delivered via TrainingPeaks  

Note: The 1 Call Custom Cycling Training Plan includes the Initial Interview call and then delivery of your plan via Training Plans for $299. The 2 Call Cycling Training Plan includes the same, with one 30-minute Follow-up call including plan adjustments for $399. The 3 Call Plan is $499 and includes the Initial Interval call and two 30-minute follow-up calls.

12-Week Custom Multisport Training Plans follow the same 1,2, and 3 call options for $399, 499, and $599 respectively.

A Step-by-Step Guide to your 12-Week Training Plan

  1. Contact us and let us know you are interested in a 12-Week Training Plan or click here if you’re ready to schedule your initial interview.
  2. We’ll get you all set-up and scheduled for an initial consultation.
  3. You’ll have your 45-min Interview call with your coach
  4. Within 7 days of your initial consultation, your fully custom 12-week plan will be delivered to you via TrainingPeaks. Upon receiving your custom plan make sure to review the full plan and confirm with your coach that everything looks good. 

Contact us to get started HERE or click here to schedule!