Are you looking to join one of our APEX coaches for a connected online workout experience? Then we’ve got something just for you – our Velocity online cycling subscriptions will help motivate you, guide you, educate you, and connect with others looking to get in a great workout led by an expert coach. Click Here to connect to the APEX Coaching portal on Velocity!

Once you’ve created your account in Velocity, you’ll receive two weeks of free access to all of the APEX Coaching training sessions – live, scheduled, and on-demand! If you’d like to continue your All Access subscription, you’ll need to sign-up on our Mindbody site for continued access – click here to sign-up!

What do you need to do a Velocity workout with APEX Coaching?
First, sign-up for our All-Access portal here.
Use Google Chrome browser on computer or the Velocity App on iPad.
Open up the app or Velocity page ideally 5-10 minutes before the start of a Live or Scheduled session.
Be sure to connect your devices (smart trainer, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, etc.)
Click here if you’re having trouble!