APEX Coaching has decades of accumulated coaching and sport science experience. Our core value system is- APEX Coaching exists to create, captivate, and inspire the world’s best athletes and coaches.

Thus we are happy to offer SPEAKING and EDUCATIONAL services.



We have coaches with extensive experience in dozens of disciplines. Here are a few of our most recent presentation topics:

  • Technological Innovation in Track Cycling
  • Embracing your “Dark Place”
  • How Training “Culture” Influences Performance
  • Why Your Easy Days Need To Be Easier
  • and many more….

$500 per original presentation (up to 2 hours) with an APEX Coach or Coaches. Additional add-ons, services or demonstrations will be discussed on a situational basis.

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At APEX, we understand that our principles and experience not only have the ability to influence our athletes, but also other coaches and athletes around the world. We are on a mission to make athletes better athletes, and coaches better coaches, all while preserving what makes the sports we love so great. We never settle, and know that there is always room for improvement. As coaches, this can be anything from applying the latest technological advances to our services, to altering our philosophical approach to coaching to a particular athlete for the betterment of their success. APEX Coaching is out to change the industry for the sake of the sports we love and the athletes who calls these sports their own.

Stay up to date with our latest schedule of seminars and open presentations on our calendar HERE. Our public group rides are also a great way to interact with our coaches and ask questions. We are here to help!

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