Zach Gregg

Professional Cycling Coach and Professional Cyclist


Zach is a full-time coach and professional cyclist. After finishing a collegiate lacrosse career, Zach found cycling and quickly became fascinated with the science of performance. While obtaining  his Masters in Exercise Physiology, Zach won the USA collegiate and elite time trial national championships  Using his knowledge and firsthand experience, Zach has coached national champions in multiple disciplines, including USA U23 criterium and time trial national champions in 2022.

Coaching full-time for the past six years, Zach has extensive experience working with athletes of all ages and disciplines, including military veterans through the Project Echelon nonprofit and collegiate cyclists while an assistant at  Lees McRae College. He focuses on training the whole athlete, ensuring healthy and prepared athletes take the start line for their events.

Zach lives in Boulder, Colorado where he takes advantage of the excellent resources of Apex Coaching headquarters to test and assess athletes to find their maximal performance.

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