• VO2 Max Testing
  • Metabolic Testing
    • Lactate Testing
    • Lactate Profiling
  • FUEL Testing
  • Power Testing
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • and more…

Services are available as individual tests, or as a package for Cycling or Triathlon. All services include follow-up communication, recommendations and follow up opportunities.

New to testing? Read our Blog Post: What is Lactate Profile Testing?

Are you a coached APEX Athlete? Ask your Coach about what testing is included with your coaching!

Looking to maximize your testing for Cycling or Triathlon? Check out our Packages BELOW to see everything that is included.



Don’t leave your preparation to chance!

Effective coaching is far more than simply giving athletes a daily workout and expecting them to do it.

The modern world has given us a plethora of variations on equipment, nutrition, data measurement, training modalities, and of course, events and competitions in which to participate.

Sport Science and physiological testing provides successful coaches with the information they need to best implement the proper tools into their athletes program in order for the athlete to best and most effectively achieve their goals.

At APEX Coaching we use sport science to meet our goal of:

Achieving Peak Endurance eXperiences


Exclusive Athlete-Profiling packages are available for those looking to gain the greatest clarity on where they are today as an athlete. These packages encompass the key testing and analysis procedures APEX Coaching has determined build your specific athlete profile. Each package takes place over two consecutive days in APEX’s Boulder, Colorado location. We have catered these packages to be convenient for athletes traveling in from out of town, and also our local clientele.

These packages make a great gift and offer an amazing opportunity to learn about YOU, as an athlete.

Triathlete PROfile Package – $1200 ($1400 Value)

Day 1

  • 3D Bike Fit & Analysis
  • Running Gait Video Analysis
  • Bike VO2/Wingate Test OR Fuel Test w/ Consultation
  • Swim Video Analysis

Day 2

  • Running Lactate Test
  • Bike Ride w/ APEX Coach & CDA Analysis
  • 90min Coaching Review Session

Cyclist PROfile Package – $800 ($1000 Value)

Day 1

  • 3D Bike Fit & Analysis
  • Bike VO2/Wingate Test OR Fuel Test w/ Consultation

Day 2

  • Power Profiling (Outdoors) w/ APEX Coach
  • 90min Coaching Review Session

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Andy Feeney's Knighthood Attempt & Fundraiser All funds go to Fairview High School Mountain Bike Team

On Saturday, December 14th, from 7am to 5pm, Andy Feeney will attempt Knighthood by completing 10 SUF cycling sessions back to back to back. On this day, Andy will go from honorary Knight to true Knight of Sufferlandria.

Choose an hour time slot throughout the day, and join him at the APEX Power House, so he doesn't have to suffer alone!

$20 per spot, all donations go to Fairview High School Mountain Bike Team

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