The same Supplemental Oxygen training that has helped APEX Elite athletes train for Hour Records and World Championships is now available to the public. Not every athlete is able to “Train Low, and Live High.” In Boulder, we are lucky to live at elevations suitable for performance adaptations that those at sea level do not have access to. Supplemental O2 training allows athletes to train at the intensities permissible at sea level, all while living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and adapting accordingly.

New to Suplemental O2?

APEX is happy to discuss your race schedule and help determine when Supplemental O2 training would yield the most benefit. We can also provide recommendations as to what type of workout to complete during your “time at sea level.”


Supplemental O2 training is offered for the following disciplines:

  • Running (Treadmill)
  • Cycling (KICKR or WattBike)
  • Swimming (Vasa Swim Erg)

*Supplemental O2 training is billed at a per hour basis, starting at $30.

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