The “Hub,” as it is commonly referred to, serves as a place for coaches and athletes alike to meet, exchange knowledge, and take advantage of the services APEX Coaching has to offer.

The APEX Hub houses services such as:

New technologies, tools and services are added when they “check the box” for being a necessary requirement for athletes to succeed at the highest level. When an athlete decides to be coached by APEX, they receive these services in addition to coaching, as APEX feels that these services are valuable to endurance athletes of all abilities.

The coaching model is stronger when coaches are provided with a space to establish a close-knit relationship with other coaches. Every coach brings a wealth of knowledge to APEX Coaching, and the “Hub” allows for athletes and coaches alike to learn and collaborate with one another. While coaching remotely is possible thanks to the advancement of technology, APEX feels strongly that it’s coaches are more knowledgeable when they are together. Hence the reason why all APEX coaches spend the majority of their time in Boulder, Colorado.