Indoor Cycling

Come Ride with the Coaching Minds Behind The Sufferfest!

How to Sign Up:

  1. Download the MINDBODY app on your mobile device OR visit the website 
    1. If using the app, search “APEX Coaching”
  2. Pick a class of your choice and choose your punch card pack
    1. Single Class – $15
    2. 5 Pack – $70
    3. 10 Pack (most popular) – $130
    4. 20 Pack – $200
  3. Check out the APEX Calendar to find out what workout is planned for each day
  4. Arrive 5-10min early to your class to set up!
    1. Bring your own bike, shoes, bottles, etc.
    2. Sweat towels are provided

*Punch Card Packs last for 12 Months.

Studio is located at the APEX Hub at 2884 Bluff St, Boulder, CO 80301

New for 2017/2018

  • New Wahoo KICKRs and KICKR Snaps
  • New studio orientation
  • New pricing structure including monthly FREE Classes
  • Discounts for Sufferfest App Subscribers
  • New Sufferfest videos and Non-Sufferfest workouts
  • Ability to view the workouts ahead of time on the APEX Calendar

Who: Anyone is able to train like world class professional cyclists and triathletes at our indoor cycling studio.

What: Bring your own bike to ride the APEX’s state of the art Wahoo KICKR studio. All 12 trainers are connected wirelessly to a central computer that adjusts the resistance for each rider relative to their threshold power (maximum sustainable power) using PerformancePRO software. If you have any ANT+ accessories (like heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, power meter, etc.) bring them along with you as they can be paired to the system so that your data is collected and projected. We also have 2 un-linked Lemond Revolution trainers and 2 sets of rollers to be able to complete your own workouts during an APEX session if you’d prefer.

Where: All sessions are held in the APEX Coaching Indoor Cycling Studio at the APEX Hub located at 2884 Bluff Street; Boulder, CO 80301 located just South off of Valmont road between 28th and 30th streets in Boulder.

When: Our class and workout schedule is available on our website HERE. You may sign up on the MINDBODY mobile app, or on the website HERE. You must pre-register on MINDBODY (website above, or MINDBODY Connect App on your smartphone) to attend any sessions.

How: Our trainers are equipped with 11-speed Shimano cassettes which are 100% compatible with Shimano & SRAM drivetrains.  We’ve had no problem with 10 or 11-speed drivetrains from Shimano & SRAM during ergometer mode, and even 11-speed Campy equipped bikes have functioned reasonably well.  If your chain is very worn it is possible that you could have some issues shifting.  Also, please be sure that your bike and drivetrain are clean to reduce wear & tear and give the best shifting performance.  Bring at least one water bottle full, your cycling shoes and your motivation to be better.  You can leave your helmet at home, though. Bringing a bike with a thru-axle? No problem. All of our KICKRs are compatible with thru-axles.

Why: Training indoors in a controlled environment with progressive workouts guided by an experienced coach will help you enjoy your workout and improve your fitness faster than you can do on your own.  We also have the social component of riding with a group, and entertainment with good music, great videos, and feedback regarding your power during your workouts. Our typical Fall/Winter/Spring sessions are 75-90 minutes long and include time for warm-up, specific intensity workout, and cool-down.