APEX Coaching has been helping athletes Achieve Peak Endurance eXperiences since 1999. From our humble beginnings to where we are today, we call Boulder, Colorado home. After finishing his Masters degree at Colorado University – Boulder, Neal Henderson founded APEX Coaching & Consulting. During his time as the Director of the Sports Science Department at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine (BCSM), Neal continued to refine APEX and the direction for the company for the future. Eventually, Neal took APEX Coaching on full time and brought on new coaches, partnerships, and athletes. In 2017, in addition to it’s partnership with RallySport Health and Fitness, APEX Coaching has grown to acquire it’s own facility to help provide the latest in sports science to its athletes. With the addition of this new facility, APEX Coaching has also added new services available to the public such as 3D Bike Fitting, Metabolic Testing, Supplemental O2 training, and much more. APEX continues to help athletes of all levels Achieve Peak Endurance eXperiences of their own throughout their life.

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