Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is known as a training Mecca the world over for endurance athletes. The best in the world have come to this small city at the foot of the flatirons to train and make their home. APEX has as well, and with good reason.



Boulder, CO provides a unique set of qualities that are rarely rivaled in a training base. The altitude of 5430 feet above sea level is very advantageous to force a physiological response that boosts fitness, but isn’t so high as to limit training. In addition, Boulder offers the ability to climb from town to elevations over 11,000 feet on bike, but at the same time offers miles of flat, safe roads. With APEX using RallySport Athletic Club and it’s great facility as a home training base, miles of running trails are easily accessible.


Boulder’s proximity to a well connected airport and its thriving community are a perfect place for our athletes and staff. Great schools, great culture and a happy, healthy population make us proud to call it home for people of all ages.




City of Boulder, Colorado

RallySport, Boulder

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