2016 Tour of Sufferlandria

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Register here for the 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria!

See below for information how to save $100 by donating $100 to the Davis Phinney Foundation.

For the 3rd year in a row the APEX Coaching Indoor Cycling Studio at RallySport Health & Fitness in Boulder, CO is ready to host the Tour of Sufferlandria!  Neal has been writing workouts for The Sufferfest for a few years now, and coach Grant has also contributed with 1 of his own in addition to 6 of Neal’s workouts that are featured in the 2016 route.  The primary beneficiary of the Tour of Sufferlandria is the Davis Phinney Foundation and over $105, 000 was raised in 2015 by Tour of Sufferlandria participants!  In 2015, the APEX Coaching studio donated $1000 to the DPF during the Tour of the Sufferlandria and APEX coaches Neal Henderson & Grant both completed Sufferlandrian Knighthood in 2014 earning a combined total of $3,695 for the DPF!

As a Sufferfest licensed facility we are offering the entire 9 sessions for $165, and single session drop-ins are $25 each. The APEX Coaching Tour of Sufferlandria sessions are good through February 28, 2016 if you can’t complete all 9-sessions.

Anyone who makes a $100 or more donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation here will receive $100 off registration for the APEX Coaching Tour of Sufferlandria!  Click here to donate. Once you’ve donated, send an email to admin@apexcoachingco.com with a screenshot of your completed $100 donation or forward the confirmation email to receive the $100 off discount code.  Then enter the discount code provided when signing up for the 9-session Tour of Sufferlandria here.

In addition to getting $100 off, anyone contributing to the DPF will have 10 chances to win something from the Tour of Sufferlandria prize raffle which features some amazing prizes including donations from multiple fantastic partners including a BMC bike, Stages indoor bike, Thompson Bike Tour in Europe, Oakley sunglasses and much more.

Our studio includes 12 Wahoo Fitness KIKR stationary trainers where you take the rear wheel off your bike and put it on the trainer.  We are currently set-up to work flawlessly with both Shimano and SRAM 10 and 11-speed systems..  Each rider’s resistance is controlled by Performance Pro Studio software, which adjusts the resistance based on your threshold power.  If you have any ANT+ accessories (heart rate, power, cadence, etc. sensors) your information will be paired to the system.  All workouts can be uploaded to your personal Strava or TrainingPeaks account after you are done.

If you have any questions, please email us at admin@apexcoachingco.com

2016 Tour of   Sufferlandria Time 1 Coach Time 2 Coach Workout
Saturday 2/6 9:00-11am Mac Cassin Stage 1: ISLAGIATT
Sunday 2/7 9:00-10:30am Neal Henderson Stage 2: Revolver + Revolver
Monday 2/8 5-6:15pm Tim Deboom Stage 3: The Best Thing in the World
Tuesday 2/9 6:30-7:45am Cody Moore 12-1:15 Neal Henderson Stage 4: To Get to the Other Side
Wednesday 2/10 5-6:15pm Lauren Decrescenzo Stage 5: The Wretched
Thursday 2/11 6:30-7:45am Grant Holicky 12-1:15 Jason West Stage 6: The Rookie
Friday 2/12 1:45-3pm Erin Carson Stage 7: Do As You’re Told
Saturday 2/13 9-11am Mac Cassin Stg 8: A Very Dark Place + 9 Hammers
Sunday 2/14 9:00-11am Grant Holicky Stage 9: Power Station + Violator


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