Sufferlandrian Knighthood

On Saturday October 25, 2014 coach Neal Henderson will be attempting Knighthood by riding 10 cycling videos from The Sufferfest back to back to raise funds for the Davis Phinney Foundation!

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You can help support Neal by donating to the Davis Phinney Foundation at: 

Anyone who donates at least $25, you will be eligible to ride along with Neal in the APEX Coaching indoor cycling studio at RallySport during one to the 10 videos.  If you donate $250 or more, you can ride along the entire way and earn your own Knighthood!

After you’ve donated at the site above, click below to register for any available sessions (there are only 11 spots available at each time):

1. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (ISLAGIATT)  (7-8:55am) Duration 1 hour 56 minutes!
2. Revolver (9:05-9:50am) Duration 45 minutes
3. A Very Dark Place (10:00-10:55am) Duration 53 minutes
4. Angles (11:05am-12:10pm) Duration 1 hour 4 minutes
5. Blender (12:20-2:05pm) Duration 1 hour 45 minutes
6. The Hunted  (2:15-3:15pm) Duration 1 hour 1 minute
7. Hell Hath No Fury  (3:25-4:40pm) Duration 1 hour 15 minutes
8. The Rookie (4:50-5:45pm) Duration 55 minutes
9. The Wretched  (5:55-6:45pm) Duration 49 minutes
10. Violator (6:55-8:05pm) Duration 1 hour 8 minutes

Also, plan on joining Neal and some of the APEX Coaching athletes at Reuben’s in Boulder for burgers and beer to celebrate on Saturday night from 9pm-???


How Neal will look after his Knighthood attempt if all goes well.

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