Indoor Cycling Studio Policy Change

Boulder in Spring
Spring has sprung and of course mother nature will give us some great days for outdoor riding, but we’re pretty sure there will still be plenty of days that indoor cycling sessions at the APEX Coaching studio at RallySport will be called for!
Also, we are introducing a new policy to help keep everyone safer in our studio. All riders will now be required to wear an ANSI or CPSC certified helmet during any APEX Coaching indoor cycling session*.
We know that this might not be the most popular move, but in today’s litigious society, we would like to put our rider’s safety first and foremost. As you can see from the photos above and below, it’s still possible to both have fun and get in a solid workout while wearing your helmet inside.
In fact, you might find that wearing the appropriate helmet for a given workout could actually boost your performance. An aero road helmet would be great for sprint workouts. Standard helmets are great for general endurance workouts. Full aero/TT helmets are perfect for threshold intervals.
Anyhow who brings an e-bike or motorized bicycle to a session will be required to wear a DOT approved helmet, and we recommend full face helmets with integrated visors (see above, upper left corner).
Finally, if you show up to a session without your helmet we have a few old school options like the original Giro aerohead (seen in pink) that you’ll be allowed to borrow for that session (see above, lower right corner).
For any questions regarding the helmet policy, please contact
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Click here for schedule and registration, or here for more information.
All classes are drop-in, but require pre-registration via the website or MINDBODY Connect App.
*Helmets are not required, happy April Fools day! 
April Fool**

**In a move that will have gomers and triathletes rejoicing everywhere, we have received special dispensation for Velominati rules #17 and #18 indoors in the APEX studio for the remainder of 2016, meaning that you can wear mismatched shorts/jerseys/etc. as well as pro team gear any day you want to with no judgement. Other studios might not have this privilege and might judge your attire to be inappropriate.