APEX Cycling Studio Keeps Athletes Fast Through Winter

As the winter weather pounds Boulder, indoor cycling is the most reasonable, safe and effective way for cyclists to improve their fitness before Spring 2016. The APEX Cycling Studio is equipped with plenty of helpful equipment to make your workout stand out amongst the rest. Powered by Wahoo KICKR direct drive trainers, APEX is able to link riders of all abilities together into one specific workout. Being completely open to the public, the studio provides a unique opportunity for age-groupers to train alongside the best of the best. APEX is also home to Colorado’s only Licensed Sufferfest Studio, and home to two coaches who have helped create the most “enjoyable” indoor training videos to date. If you have interest in the studio, Sufferfest, or coaching in general, please don’t hesitate to email Cody at cody@apexcoachingco.com for more information.

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