2017 Tour of Sufferlandria

The 2017 Tour of Sufferlandria route has been announced! As an official embassy to host the tour, APEX Coaching is looking forward to taking enjoyable suffering and raising money for a good cause to the next level this February. With the help of our Wahoo KICKR smart trainers, our studio eliminates the need to shift and holds you accountable for producing power according to your Functional Threshold Power. Come join us for the Tour of Sufferlandria this February 4th through 12th!

For every $10 donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation HERE, you will solidify your commitment to the tour and the foundation, but you will also be entered into The Sufferfest’s contest for awesome prizes such as KICKR Smart trainers, Watt Bike’s exclusive cycling vacations and more. Every $10 donated under your name counts as 1 chance to be picked in their drawing. For the full prize list click HERE.

2017 Tour Route:

  1. 2/4/17 – Stage 1 – Igniter + The Long Scream
  2. 2/5/17 – Stage 2 – The Way Out + Power Station
  3. 2/6/17 – Stage 3 – The Omnium
  4. 2/7/17 – Stage 4 – Angels
  5. 2/8/17 – Stage 5 – Nine Hammers
  6. 2/9/17 – Stage 6 – There is No Try
  7. 2/10/17 – Stage 7 – Hell Hath No Fury
  8. 2/11/17 – Stage 8 – Revolver + Revolver is Easy + Half is Easy
  9. 2/12/17 – Stage 9 – It Seemed Like Thin Air

Ready to join the pre-race hype? Join the official Tour Facebook group HERE.

Ready to sign up? Sign up for your time slots from February 4th through February 12th HERE.