Athlete of the Month

July 2017 – Omar Dickenson

From Omar – This June was my most successful month as a masters bike racer with a number of victories culminating with the Colorado time trial championship in the 40+3s.  Much of the credit goes to APEX Coaching who has helped me unlocked my potential as a bike racer in three key areas.  First, Coach Grant has had me focus more on intensity by structuring the right set of intervals to compliment my power.  Second, we have worked on time trial pacing again and again to try to get it right.  It is easy to say “do not start to hard”, but putting it into practice is the challenge!  The last area is helping educate me on the tradition, norms, and responsibilities of being a road bike racer.  This area is where the considerable experience of Coach Grant and Coach Neal really helps out as I make the transition from a recreational MTB rider to a road bike racer.  Understanding the sport, respecting the efforts of everyone you race against, and learning that road bike racing is about much more than just Watts or W/Kg continues to be a journey.  Thank you!

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June 2017 – Tayler Wiles

From TaylerI made a change this year to focus on my time-trialing and I wanted to work with Neal because of his experience in looking at the details in training athletes to prepare for TTs. We started working together late last fall and I’ve already seen changes in the type of training that I’ve done so far that have had an impact on my ability on the bike. I’ve already met one of my 2017 goals in winning the Tour of the Gila overall GC. I’ve been working on my weaknesses in my training, not just my strengths, but am still getting stronger in all areas. I’m looking forward to hitting more of my upcoming goals for the rest of this season with the help of Neal and APEX Coaching!

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May 2017 – Matt Joyner

From MattAPEX Coaching has been a game changer for me. I travel a lot for work and without my coach at APEX, I would have never been able to stay in shape and make the advances I have made over the last three years. As a former division 1 athlete, I set the bar very high for myself and I have been able to surpass, even my own expectations. I am proud to say that because of APEX I am in the best shape of my life at 41. 

From Coach CodyAs coaches, we often need to teach athletes to embrace their very own “dark place.” Matt has no trouble embracing the suffering (literally, and figuratively, as he is a huge fan of The Sufferfest). Matt was able to engage in many of the on-site services APEX has to offer when he lived in Colorado, but now living in Pennsylvania, Matt is coached remotely to balance his hectic work schedule. Born a competitor and raised as one (he played football at Penn State), Matt jumps at the opportunity to race local crits and time trials, and loves the opportunity to beat up on his group ride buddies. I am proud to call Matt one of my athletes, and friends.

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Past APEX Athletes of the Month: